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After I graduated from college and got married, I started thinking about possible job opportunities. I wanted something with very flexible hours, that would utilize my background in science, and that I could do in the future (after having children, moving, etc.). I became frustrated after several months of trying to find something, and I was about to give up until I heard about medical transcription editing. :)

Medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors basically transcribe and edit doctors’ reports to be filed and sent to insurance companies. A medical transcription editor (MTE) is a vital part of the health care process. MTE’s are hired by companies that allow you to work from your house with flexible hours. All you need is a laptop and internet access. This is the main reason this job appealed to me.

After researching several programs/schools to enroll in, I found CAREER STEP to be the best choice for me. You can complete the course within 4 months if you work on it full time, but they allow you to access the course for a full year. So you can complete the training at your own pace. They offer a free laptop or ipad if you pay for your tuition in full, and they also offer a military spouse discount.

I’ve been working on the course for about a month now, and so far it has been really good! The course is geared towards people with a high school diploma. So, even though my background in science is helpful, anyone can complete the course. It’s very thorough, and I feel like I will be prepared for job placement immediately upon completion.

One of my close friends actually told me about Career Step and MTE. She completed the course and had a job within two weeks of graduating. She has just started her new job, and I’m actually going to hang out with her tomorrow to see how she’s liking it.


This is the unit that I am currently working on.

If anyone is interested in it here is a link to Career Step:

If you end up signing up for the course you can mention my referrer ID online or over the computer (ref28128) and receive a $50 discount. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me before contacting the school you can email me at I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can, and I hope you found this helpful.

I’ll be posting other blogs with career step/MTE updates, crafts, and food as this journey of life continues.

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