DIY Envelope Budgeting


Gross. Did I just say budgeting?

Before I was married, the word “budget” wasn’t even part of my normal vocabulary, but after being married for a few months, the hubs and I decided that it would probably be smart to start tracking our expenses. So we sat down one day and came up with a reasonable budget that we could both agree on. Then, we tracked our expenses for a month. At the end of the month it resulted in us having more knowledge of where our money was going. It was super helpful for us, and I highly recommend that others consider doing it as well. Below you will find what methods worked for us and what didn’t turn out so great.

DIY Envelopes

The idea behind envelope budgeting is a neat one. You’re supposed to pay for EVERYTHING with cash, because nowadays (yes, I’m old) swiping a card is just too easy. At the beginning of the month, you’re supposed to take out the money that you’ve budgeted for each category and place it in their designated envelopes. So when you run out of money in the envelope, then you’re done spending in that category for the month. Don’t even think about adding more money, because that’ll just ruin the whole system.

I found the template for the envelopes at a blog called, One Good Thing By Jillee. I absolutely love her blog. Click here to go to the envelope template, and check out her blog while you’re there. You just print it out (I used pretty scrapbook paper), and tape it together. Super easy!

So the envelopes are cute and all, but honestly it didn’t work out so well for us. It’s just so much easier to use a card, and it’s also difficult to share the envelopes when you’re trying to track the expenses of TWO people. So what we ended up doing was just saving all (and I mean ALL) of our receipts. I would place them in the envelopes, and enter the data into this nifty excel spreadsheet that we personalized for us. This method was so much easier for us.

Excel Budget Spreadsheet

So I’m gonna share the site where I found the spreadsheet that worked for us as well. Click here to go to a website that provides 10 different spreadsheets all for free. It’s pretty cool and generous of them to share their pre-made spreadsheets. It saved us a lot of time making one ourselves (even though my husband is the smartest, most proficient Excel user I know).

I hope you find a budgeting practice that works for you! Until next time, thanks for stopping by. :)

3 thoughts on “DIY Envelope Budgeting

  1. This is really handy, I too, have been struggling with budgeting. We tried the envelope method for date nights last month, and it was pretty much a disaster from the beginning (you know, because we went out and i forgot the cash so we had to use the card etc…ugh)….I am going to check out those free templates, thanks! I would love if you stopped by my link party and shared this today! Hope to see you!

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