Garage Sale Treasures


Yesterday my family held a benefit garage sale for my nephew, Nathan. At 7 weeks old he died, but God, in His grace, decided to give him back to us. Nathan has a long road ahead of him, and his family has a lot of bills. So to help with the cost of a new specialized stroller we held a garage sale. So many people donated things, and the sale ended up taking up two whole yards! We also raised just enough for the stroller. God is so good! To read more about Nathan’s story you can click here.

I managed to find some time while helping at the sale to purchase a few of my own treasures. :)


Ann Taylor, Light Pink Blazer


Jimmy Choo, bag


Campbell’s Soup Mugs

My new favorite thing to do is garage sale shop! I can’t wait to go to my next one, and it’s a plus when people are raising money for a good cause. Thanks for stopping by!


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