One meal. One day.


This might be the best meal you never eat. Hey guys! In case you weren’t aware, ;) today is March 27! It’s the day designated by Compassion International to donate money for children living in poverty. This year they have chosen Ethiopia to receive the donations. The concept is simple. Skip a meal today, and donate the money that you would have spent on food to this organization. If you’d like more information on ONE MEAL. ONE DAY. click here. Or for more information on the actual organization (Compassion) click here.

I love how this ministry allows people to be involved in the lives of children all over the world while sharing the gospel. My husband and I began sponsoring a sweet, sweet girl named Alondra last summer, and I’m still just as happy and excited about it today as the day we signed up to do it. I just love how I can correspond with her through letters, pray for her,  and tell her all about God’s love for her.

Join me in supporting this excellent cause if you wish.

Have a beautiful day!


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