Pants to Shorts Transformation

Spring has finally sprung! (at least in Texas it has) I found some cute flowery shorts on Pinterest a while ago, and I decided that I was gonna try to make them myself out of a pair of old jeans. My inspiration can be found here.

I started with this old pair of American Eagle jeans.


My favorite part about making my own shorts is cutting them to the length that I desire. I hate it when stores only offer two options: super short/unflattering shorts or bermudas. I like shorts that have about a 2-3 inch in seam. Once I figured out the length that I wanted, I hemmed them with a sewing machine.

I found some cute floral fabric at Hobby Lobby, and I attached it by hand to the pockets. Here’s how they turned out.


I’m really happy with the outcome, and I’m excited about having a new springy piece of clothing in my closet.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend. My husband and I were able to attend church and spend the afternoon with family. It was a great time of remembering Jesus Christ’s resurrection and victory over death. I LOVE EASTER. :) 


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