DIY Chalk Paint Table

Before and After


Before I get into the details of refinishing our table I have to give you guys a quick update.

[Acquiring the table and chairs]

Wow. So a lot has happened over the last couple of months. We are now proud new HOMEOWNERS. The hubs and I have learned SO MUCH through this whole house buying process, and we’re still learning. I guess you never stop. ;)After we moved into our new house I immediately started thinking about decorating ideas. We also started keeping our eyes out for cheap furniture at garage sales and on Craig’s List. We really wanted a new table to fill our house with, and thankfully one of my dear friends wanted to get rid of her old table. She gave us this really nice dining room table with 3 matching wood chairs. My parents also came to help us move and “donated” 4 wooden chairs to our cause. ha. Thank you parentals!! :)

[Design theme?]

Next, I had to decide what color(s)/theme(s) I wanted to go with in our breakfast area. It was actually harder than it sounds because I’m not very good at narrowing choices down. Our kitchen already has a lot of bright green accessories so I decided to tie the green into the breakfast area as well. The theme was a lot easier for me to pick because we already had a mix matched table set, and I really like the country/shabby chic look. So that’s what I picked!

[Learning the ways of chalk paint]

My wonderful sister-in-law agreed to come over to our house one day and teach me how to use chalk paint. We drove to Old Town Spring, TX. (which is adorable by the way). There we found a boutique called Michella Marie & Co. where I was able to make my first chalk paint purchase. I looked at it as an investment because it’s kind of pricey.

[Painting the table]

I ended up buying 1 can each of Annnie Sloan Antibes (green), Coco (tan), and some dark and clear wax.Painting the table was so much easier than I thought it would be! It took about 1.5 days. I just painted right over the old table (no sanding or prepping required). I used about 2 coats of the color everywhere. So 2 coats of green on the legs and 2 coats of coco on the top. Then we just “distressed” the table by applying dark wax everywhere. I learned quickly that it is more of an art than a specific way of doing it.

Anyway, we were really happy with the way it turned out! Let me know what you think! Also, stay tuned for pictures of the chairs and a HOME TOUR. :)

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DIY Dog Bed


It all started when our 50 pound puppy decided that the couch was his bed. He has a kennel that he sleeps in at night and whenever we leave, but he would prefer to be with us when we are home. So the couch is an obvious choice, right? My husband and I decided that we were gonna enforce our new rule of “Rogan is not allowed on the couch.” Our discipline went something like this. . .


Which brings me to why I decided to get Rogan a bed of his own. At first we were just going to buy one, but after looking at different stores we realized that they weren’t made very nice. Most of them had this gross stuff that looked like hair (instead of real stuffing inside of them), and they weren’t the most washer/dryer friendly.

I looked for ideas on Pinterest, and I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make him one. I modeled my version after a tutorial found here. Originally, I was going to make one identical to the picture below because it’s so cute and pretty. But after looking at the fleece selection at Hobby Lobby, I decided that none of their prints would give the same effect, and I wanted a color that matched Rogan’s hair. (it’ll look less gross after he sheds his hair on it)


I found the material at Hobby Lobby. I bought a yard of clearanced red fabric to go inside of the fleece cover and a yard and a 1/2 of the sock monkey fleece. Next, I made a pillow out of the red fabric by sewing it together with my machine.


[I will be doing a pillow tutorial later on if you don’t know how to make one, but you can also find tons of tutorials online as well.] I stuffed the pillow with stuffing that I already had and sewed it up all of the way.

Most importantly, I scotch guarded the pillow. (the hubs idea :)) Now it doesn’t matter if the pillow gets wet. It should be water resistant.

Next up was measuring and cutting the fleece.


I left about 6 inches of fleece all the way around the pillow. I cut 4 inch long by 1 and 1/2 inch wide slits all along the fleece. Then, I tied the fleece together by double knotting each tab of fabric around the pillow.

I also bought a zipper for the fleece, just in case I decide to sew it up (instead of the knots). I may get tired of unknotting/knotting it every time I want to wash it.

I really like the way it turned out and so does Rogan! It’s always way cooler knowing you’ve made something. :)


Easy Peasy Craft



Nope. The towel isn’t the craft. My mom made that for me. Sorry. :) But isn’t it lovely?

The craft is the bottle turned into a flower vase. It’s nothing spectacular, but it was super easy to do. It didn’t cost anything to make because I already had all of the supplies. And who doesn’t like free decorations? I’ve been needing something to go next to my hand towels in our bathroom, and this works perfectly.

I used an old Crush soda bottle and cleaned the sticky labels off with Goo Gone. That stuff is amazing, by the way. 



Then, I just used some satin brushed metallic gold spray paint and voila! What a lovely FREE vase. 

I’ve been dealing with a sick puppy for the past couple of days. :/ Apparently Rogan has some sort of allergy that’s making him swell up with hives. Thank God for Benadryl. Seriously. I took him to the vet yesterday and hopefully he gets better soon!

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Brown Cowl or Scarf



I’m so excited about my newest creation! It’s a cowl/scarf which means it’s basically a TRANSFORMER. ;)

I used the same pattern that I used for my infinity scarf, found here;  so, it only took me a few hours to make. But I changed it up by adding two buttons loops on one end of the scarf and attaching two buttons to the other end. Now I can wear it as a cowl with the pretty buttons on display or as a normal scarf. Too bad the weather is only getting warmer over here.

Keith’s (the husband’s) birthday was this week. Come back for my next post about that! :)


Pants to Shorts Transformation

Spring has finally sprung! (at least in Texas it has) I found some cute flowery shorts on Pinterest a while ago, and I decided that I was gonna try to make them myself out of a pair of old jeans. My inspiration can be found here.

I started with this old pair of American Eagle jeans.


My favorite part about making my own shorts is cutting them to the length that I desire. I hate it when stores only offer two options: super short/unflattering shorts or bermudas. I like shorts that have about a 2-3 inch in seam. Once I figured out the length that I wanted, I hemmed them with a sewing machine.

I found some cute floral fabric at Hobby Lobby, and I attached it by hand to the pockets. Here’s how they turned out.


I’m really happy with the outcome, and I’m excited about having a new springy piece of clothing in my closet.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend. My husband and I were able to attend church and spend the afternoon with family. It was a great time of remembering Jesus Christ’s resurrection and victory over death. I LOVE EASTER. :) 


Fonts are cool.


I ran across this super cool blog the other day, and I thought that I’d share it with you. The blog is called Kevin and Amanda (click here), and they have LOADS of fonts that you can instantly download…for FREE. :)

There’s a button in the right hand column towards the bottom that allows you to download all of the fonts at once. That’s what I did, and now I’m going to get back to creating cool things with them.

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DIY Wreath



Yesterday, I got to hang out with one of my best friends. We decided before hand that we were going to make something crafty, but we didn’t know what. I got to her house, and she had the idea of making our own spring wreaths. Before I say anymore, I feel like you should know that neither one of us are florists. haha. I was a little hesitant at first. However, once we got to Hobby Lobby and I saw the price of already made wreaths ($100 easily), I was super excited about our endeavor.

We had a little trouble figuring out what kind of supplies to buy and for the best price. We ended up getting:

  • plain heart shaped wreaths for $10 (plus the 40% off coupon)
  • cardboard letters for $1
  • different kinds of flowers all for around $4
  • one package of 3 white birds for $3.99 (we shared this)

So with our super savvy shopping skills we made our custom wreaths for about $15. I’m so excited about how they turned out, and I can’t wait to make more for gifts. My mom and two of my sister-in-laws birthdays are in April.


Work in progress. Have I said that I LOVE the way it turned out? I used hot glue to fasten pretty much everything to the wreath. I also weaved some of the flowers into the wreath to make it look more natural.


My friend’s wreath. She wanted something more simple. I love hers, because she can use it in the winter time as well.

Thanks for stopping by! I really do appreciate everyone who finds my blog interesting enough to read.

I should totally start an etsy store. ;)


DIY Envelope Budgeting


Gross. Did I just say budgeting?

Before I was married, the word “budget” wasn’t even part of my normal vocabulary, but after being married for a few months, the hubs and I decided that it would probably be smart to start tracking our expenses. So we sat down one day and came up with a reasonable budget that we could both agree on. Then, we tracked our expenses for a month. At the end of the month it resulted in us having more knowledge of where our money was going. It was super helpful for us, and I highly recommend that others consider doing it as well. Below you will find what methods worked for us and what didn’t turn out so great.

DIY Envelopes

The idea behind envelope budgeting is a neat one. You’re supposed to pay for EVERYTHING with cash, because nowadays (yes, I’m old) swiping a card is just too easy. At the beginning of the month, you’re supposed to take out the money that you’ve budgeted for each category and place it in their designated envelopes. So when you run out of money in the envelope, then you’re done spending in that category for the month. Don’t even think about adding more money, because that’ll just ruin the whole system.

I found the template for the envelopes at a blog called, One Good Thing By Jillee. I absolutely love her blog. Click here to go to the envelope template, and check out her blog while you’re there. You just print it out (I used pretty scrapbook paper), and tape it together. Super easy!

So the envelopes are cute and all, but honestly it didn’t work out so well for us. It’s just so much easier to use a card, and it’s also difficult to share the envelopes when you’re trying to track the expenses of TWO people. So what we ended up doing was just saving all (and I mean ALL) of our receipts. I would place them in the envelopes, and enter the data into this nifty excel spreadsheet that we personalized for us. This method was so much easier for us.

Excel Budget Spreadsheet

So I’m gonna share the site where I found the spreadsheet that worked for us as well. Click here to go to a website that provides 10 different spreadsheets all for free. It’s pretty cool and generous of them to share their pre-made spreadsheets. It saved us a lot of time making one ourselves (even though my husband is the smartest, most proficient Excel user I know).

I hope you find a budgeting practice that works for you! Until next time, thanks for stopping by. :)

DIY Hand Scrub


This little DIY project takes less than 10 minutes to make. You could make it for yourself or give it as a gift. It is kind of like Mary Kay’s Satin Hands, and I was inspired by an article that I found on Pinterest (original directions found here). To see how I made it continue reading below. :)

I used an old garlic jar (I like how it’s so little), but you can also purchase different sized mason jars at any craft store.


Next, I filled the jar about 3/4 of the way with white sugar, and I added Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Dish Soap (the pink kind) to the rim of the jar. I mixed the sugar and soap together until it was nice and pasty. You may need to add more sugar if your scrub is too liquidy.


Action Shot!

I love the light pink color that it turned after mixing it together.


I added a string of twine, and it was done! It left my hands feeling so smooth and CLEAN, and it smells wonderful too. :)

The original site called this “Gardener’s Hand Scrub.” This is the perfect excuse to start on that herb garden that I’ve been wanting to make.

This will make such a cute gift for someone along with some gardening things (gloves, pot, seeds, flower).