DIY Chalk Paint Table

Before and After


Before I get into the details of refinishing our table I have to give you guys a quick update.

[Acquiring the table and chairs]

Wow. So a lot has happened over the last couple of months. We are now proud new HOMEOWNERS. The hubs and I have learned SO MUCH through this whole house buying process, and we’re still learning. I guess you never stop. ;)After we moved into our new house I immediately started thinking about decorating ideas. We also started keeping our eyes out for cheap furniture at garage sales and on Craig’s List. We really wanted a new table to fill our house with, and thankfully one of my dear friends wanted to get rid of her old table. She gave us this really nice dining room table with 3 matching wood chairs. My parents also came to help us move and “donated” 4 wooden chairs to our cause. ha. Thank you parentals!! :)

[Design theme?]

Next, I had to decide what color(s)/theme(s) I wanted to go with in our breakfast area. It was actually harder than it sounds because I’m not very good at narrowing choices down. Our kitchen already has a lot of bright green accessories so I decided to tie the green into the breakfast area as well. The theme was a lot easier for me to pick because we already had a mix matched table set, and I really like the country/shabby chic look. So that’s what I picked!

[Learning the ways of chalk paint]

My wonderful sister-in-law agreed to come over to our house one day and teach me how to use chalk paint. We drove to Old Town Spring, TX. (which is adorable by the way). There we found a boutique called Michella Marie & Co. where I was able to make my first chalk paint purchase. I looked at it as an investment because it’s kind of pricey.

[Painting the table]

I ended up buying 1 can each of Annnie Sloan Antibes (green), Coco (tan), and some dark and clear wax.Painting the table was so much easier than I thought it would be! It took about 1.5 days. I just painted right over the old table (no sanding or prepping required). I used about 2 coats of the color everywhere. So 2 coats of green on the legs and 2 coats of coco on the top. Then we just “distressed” the table by applying dark wax everywhere. I learned quickly that it is more of an art than a specific way of doing it.

Anyway, we were really happy with the way it turned out! Let me know what you think! Also, stay tuned for pictures of the chairs and a HOME TOUR. :)

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